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The Eagle Spirit carries our message to the Creator

Moomooatupu (Elders)

moomooatupu mooe (Elders first)

mu moomooatupa tumatzi (Be helpful to your elders)

wenew moomooatupu tsakatukew (stand up and let you elders sit down)

kai moomooatupu kone” nase yadaupana (never talk back to anyone older than you)

mu moomooatupu tumatzi (be helpful to your elders)

These are respectful words from the Numu language for our elders. The Numu known as the Paiute Nation have different sounds in the words but the meaning is the same. Our goal is to obtain testimony from elders throughout the Paiute Nation so that our young people know who they are and the sacrifices that were made so we can be who we are and our ties to the land.