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Most of the allottee owners are considered to be poverty stricken who cannot afford to manage their land. Your donations will help add wells, energy, and roads.

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Elder's Circle

The elders remember the history and pass it on so we don't forget.

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Federal Laws & Policies

American Indian Probate Reform Act, Indian Land Consolidation Act, Rights of Way Regulations, 25 CFR Part 162, Leasing Regulations are some of the regulation that apply to trust land....

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Numu's vision is that their ancestral homeland is protected and restored as Creator of Mother Earth intended since time immemorial....

Numu Allottee Association, a Native Non-Profit Organization of Oregon has been organized to be operated exclusively for providing charitable, scientific, literary, advocacy training, civil rights compliance, and economic empowerment to allottees who own an undivided interest in of public domain allotments.

In 1887 Congress enacted the, General Allotment Act. This Act directed the division of Tribal lands and "allotment" of them to individual Indians. The purpose was to accelerate the civilization of the Indians by making them private landowners, successful farmers, and ultimately to assimilate them into society at large. Many Indians sold their land, but few assimilated into the surrounding non-Indian communities. By the 1930's it was widely accepted the General Allotment Act (GAA) had, for the most part, failed.

Today the Land continues to fractionate.....